Interview With Maitri Patel: A Fourteen Year Old Woman

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Khyati Shah
Interview Paper I found each of the three women who I interviewed interesting because they each gave me more and more details about the different obstacles they faced in life. For first part of the interview process, I interviewed a family friend named Maitri Patel. She is a fourteen year old girl who is a freshman in high school. The reason why I chose to interview her is because I wanted know what a young teenagers views would be regarding feminism and whether or not she had ever been exposed to the word. The second person I interviewed was my SPECTRA mentor who is a thirty-six year old woman who I met over the summer named Melissa Thomas. I wanted to interview her because she had previously mentioned to me that she attended law school and I was curious to know if she had ever experienced anyone being sexist towards her during her time at law school. Lastly I interviewed a woman in my religious studies class named Jacky Berlinsky who is a seventy-five years old woman. I opted to interview her because I was curious to see if getting an education in her time …show more content…

Thomas, and Mrs. Berlinsky each seemed to have a connection when it came to how the education system for women has improved throughout the generations. All three of these women talked about how women in school get unfair treatment when going to school and wearing something different or looking different, and they agreed that it is crucial for women to receive a higher education inorder to be independently stable. Females in todays generation have a lot more access to education then women ever had in the early 1900’s. Females are often times told what to wear or how to look in school, but men are never told how to treat women regardless of what she wears or how her physical appearance is. It is important for females in todays generation to get a good education so that they don’ t have to rely on other people, and so that they can be able to stand up by

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