Interview With Michele Mabrie, Lead School Counselor

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The interview conducted with Michele Mabrie, lead school counselor at Glen A. Wilson High School to discuss the comprehensive guidance program implicated at the school. Having been a school counselor for over 20 years Michele Mabrie provided insight and personal perspective on the school-counseling program through the school level and district level. To asses the necessary findings, the interview was conduced over the course of two days, first being an introductory interview discussing the school’s counseling program and the second centering on follow up questions. Questions provided, were used to help guide the discussion, which further assed the necessary information needed. After a brief introduction of Michele’s personal background and experiences of school counseling, when asked about the school districts comprehensive school guidance program being implemented or written at the district or school site, her immediate response was “No, over all the years I have been here there has never been something specifically written.” During the follow up interview, Michele additionally stated other school counselors she talked to, within the district and outside the district do not have written comprehensive program at the site. The reasoning behind this was the school’s foundational knowledge of knowing what is expected of the school counselors and not necessarily needed a district approved written documentation….. When asked about the three domains ( Academic, Personal/Social,
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