Interview With Ms. Carla London

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Interview with Ms. Carla London, Director of Student Services, at her office at Columbia Public Schools 1818 W. Worley Columbia Public School District building Columbia, MO 65202 on March 23rd 2017 Prior to my meeting I emailed Ms. London a copy of the questions I would ask her. For the transcript portion of this assignment I will work directly from this document. I introduced myself as a non-traditional college student and shared with her my goal to work with CPS District. I informed her of my interest in working within the Columbia Public School’s Student Services Department, with a strong desire to apply for the Homebound Instructor Position. Ms. London agreed to work from the questions I presented. She proceeded in a relaxed manor…show more content…
Punctuality and follow through is a must. The challenge here is making sure that the student and family also follow through. The Educator and the family decide on the time and the meeting place (most setting are outside the home, the library or even McDonalds), for each session a parent or guardian must be present. This requirement is for the safety of all involved.” We then moved to the next set of questions. I related to Ms. London that during my research for this interview I found three articles of interest to me in which she is mentioned and that I desired to know more about these programs and to get her insight on the programs in the news stories. Ms. London seemed pleased and very open and willing to answer. She takes time to read through the questions before responding. 1. Juvenile alternatives are helping at-risk youths stay out of trouble Posted on 27 October 2016 at 10:50am The number of youth in the Robert L. Perry Juvenile Justice Center in Boone County are lower now than in 2009. a) How do special services reach these students? b) Can you, MS London, give me a short synopsis of this program? Ms. London shared this information: “Even through the students are in the Juvenile Justice center it is the school districts responsibility to meet their educational needs. Some students are required to come to the center as day treatment at the Juvenile Justice Center. The number of students for this program is capped at 5 students. The CPS District employees

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