Interview With Ms. Tiffany Chen

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Interview with Ms. Tiffany Chen I interviewed Ms. Tiffany Chen. is a coordination specialist, providing direct support to leaders from a diverse spectrum of organizations from large multinational corporations to local community groups. Ms. Chen facilitates and supports the design, implementation, management, and advocacy of a financial inclusion agenda aiming to increase the effective utilization of recent innovations in the financial sector, particularly the use of financial technologies by populations in emerging economies. Leading Who, Doing What? Ms. Chen 's department focuses on building multilateral investment collaboratives comprised of private and public sector entities. She relies on her individual relational capital to build these cooperative networks, which span across organizational, regional, and international boundaries, and draws on the structural capital of PWC and her clients in support of a unified effort to provide low income populations with financial tools that bolster their access to basic financial services, which improves their participation and competitiveness in Global markets. “I oversee 12-15 people assigned to me, who I in turn assign to work teams by project, on the basis of their particular skill-sets, interested and the specific needs of the organizations the team will be working with. The individuals I manage are usually graduates, and sometimes MBA’s, from selective and highly selective colleges. I feel as though I am fortunate because

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