Interview With My Grandmother Mindy

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I have recently interviewed my grandmother Mindy. I chose to interview my grandmother because we have a close relationship and I look up to her and love spending every second with her and couldn’t think of a better person to interview than her. The reason for this interview is to get an insight of how her pregnancy coming from her. In this interview I will learn all about her pregnancy, from the beginning to the end. Mindy is my grandmother because she is my mothers mother. Mindy has spent most of her life in Kenya, and now resides now in America.

I have asked her seven questions pertaining to all things pregnancy. The first question is: “How old were you when you gave birth and what year did you give birth? My grandmother Mindy was born in 1941 and married at 22 and in the same year discovered she was pregnant with her first child, a boy named Leo. The second question was “What were some of the things you were told to do while you were pregnant?” She told me that she discovered that she was pregnant because she would feel nauseated when she smelled food being cooked and whenever she sees the foods she didnt like. She would also feel dizzy and really sleepy and had multiple headaches. Suprisingly, she didn’t throw up during her pregnancy unless she was actually sick. She also had a strong appetite and craved a lot of food.

At the time, they didn’t have the type of pregnancy test we would use today. Instead, they would test it using a
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