Interview With Randy : What Is Your Relationship With Laura?

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INTERVIEW WITH RANDY: What is your relationship with Laura? - Laura and I are engaged. Our wedding was scheduled in the same month of the incident at the Camper’s Discount Warehouse. Have you shopped at CDW before? - No. It was Laura and I’s first time shopping at CDW. What was your first impression of CDW, more known as Camper’s Discount Warehouse? Did you feel safe inside the store? - As any other warehouse stores in America, you expect the warehouse to be safe as a customer. Was CDW crowded or busy at the time you and Laura visited the warehouse? - I would not consider the warehouse crowded at the time Laura and I visited the store. There were customers shopping, but the place was not crowded. What were you doing at the time Laura was fitting the ski jacket? - I was talking to an employee to get helped find a ski jacket for myself. Did you notice the stoves on the top of the shelf on the aisle where Laura had to try her jacket? - No. We separated ways inside the warehouse. I went to the men’s section of the store, and she went to the women’s department. All I heard was a loud scream from my fiancé, and a loud sound of boxes falling on the ground. That was when I ran to her direction, and found my unconscious fiancé laying on the ground with the pile of cooking stove all over her. Where there any witnesses of the incident as the boxes fell on Laura? - Not as the boxes were falling on her, but a small crowd gathered around my fiancé, looking for ways to help. Who
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