Interview With Restaurant Owner And Manager

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An Interview with Restaurant Owner and Manager, Beth Nguyen • Description of the Interview: This interview assignment has require me to interview a manger in the interesting field. Since my emphasis is on Hospitality Management, I had chosen a popular Asian Cuisine restaurant named Indochine. The owner Beth Nguyen has led this restaurant into the right path, and local people would like to go there for their dining. I’m currently in the customer service field and while looking online at very local businesses I was impressed but Indonchine Restaurant’s work. I was so impressed that I figured that I would interview the manager and see if this was the business that I could trust with such a successful restaurant. So I called…show more content…
Can you briefly explain your how you apply the Conceptual, or technical, and human skill on your business? 4. Managerial and leadership roles: Edgington et al., pgs. 104-116 Can you tell me your good thing and the bad thing about your leadership? How do you treat your employee equal? Can you give me any suggestions on how to handle my future managerial problems? 5. Mission, Vision, Goals Can you tell me the Mission, vision, and goal of your restaurant? How do your employees do to achieve the goal of your restaurant? 6. Motivation: Arnold et al., pgs. 111-118, Hurd et al., pgs. 268-227 How do you help a new employee to involve your restaurant as soon as possible? 7. Other related questions What are the best ways for graduating students to find a job in restaurant management? • Summary of the Responses: Beth Nguyen, owner and restaurant manager of Indochine Vietnamese Bistro, started in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher when she was 15. Since then, she has worked in every area of the restaurant, from the front to the back, and she is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy. As a business owner, she has placed special emphasis on community service and has received awards such as the 2005 Community Service Award from the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs, 2010 Reader 's Choice Winner for Best South East Asian Restaurant. Also, Beth leads his team of experienced and dedicated chefs in the kitchen of Indochine. He recently made a trip back to Vietnam in
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