Interview With Restaurant Owner And Manager

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An Interview with Restaurant Owner and Manager, Beth Nguyen

• Description of the Interview: This interview assignment has require me to interview a manger in the interesting field. Since my emphasis is on Hospitality Management, I had chosen a popular Asian Cuisine restaurant named Indochine. The owner Beth Nguyen has led this restaurant into the right path, and local people would like to go there for their dining. I’m currently in the customer service field and while looking online at very local businesses I was impressed but Indonchine Restaurant’s work. I was so impressed that I figured that I would interview the manager and see if this was the business that I could trust with such a successful restaurant. So I called Indonchine Restaurant and to my surprise the owner were willing to accept my interview. I introduced myself and Beth how I desired to conduct an interview of one of the mangers and he agreed to be interviewed the following day. I saw this as an opportunity because our course material has talked about how owner use the ability to manage. I was interested in finding out if Beth was able to be successful as owner and manager. So we set up the interview for noon the following and Beth met me in her office in order to complete the interview and give some suggestions for to in order to find my future internship.
• Questions Asked in the Interview
There are some questions that has related to both the course material and the discussion board which give…

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