Interview With The Management Principles Essay

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Management is a “process, comprised of social and technical functions and activities, occurring within organizations for the purpose of accomplishing predetermined objectives through human and other resources.” In order to achieve the desired objectives of the organization, managers carry out technical and interpersonal activities and work through and with other people. PPG 4. This paper will summarize my interview with such manager, along with the description of the purpose of interview, brief introduction of the interviewee and his organization. The paper will also relate ideas and topics covered in the interview with the management principles in healthcare and finally explain what was learnt in this process.
I interviewed Grant Landsbach - Data Integrity/MPI Manager at Sisters of Charity Leavenworth Health System (SCLHS) System and Technology Support Center (STSC) System Office in Lakewood, Colorado. Grant is a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), Certified Health Data Analyst(CHDA), and holds a Master’s of Science Health Services Administration (MSHSA) degree. Grant can be reached via email at his email address or via phone at 303. 403. 7579.
Sisters of Charity Leavenworth (SCL) Health, formerly Exempla Healthcare, serves Denver and its neighboring cities as well as some cities in Montana and Kansas. Saint Joseph Hospital, Lutheran Medical Center, Good Samaritan Medical Center are the 3 hospitals that are a part of SCL Health
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