Interview With The Personality Theorist

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Mocked Interviews
The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a transcript for a mocked interview with four personality theorist. The four personality theorists included in this interview are; Horney, Erikson, Jung, and Adler. In this mocked interview, one will pretend to ask each theorist a combination of questions about the viewpoints of Sigmund Freud, and his daughter, Anna Freud. In addition, each theorist will explain what impact they believe their work has had on psychology as they see it today.
Outline of Interview
Interviewer: Kathleen Johnson (Student)
Interviewees: Horney, Erikson, Jung, and Adler (Personality Theorists)
Interview Setting: Interview was conducted in North Central University Psychology Lab at 3:30 PM on
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They were ecstatic and they all agreed to it.
Starting Interview (1)
Interviewer: What do you think Freud "just didn 't get" about the psychology of women?
Horney: In my opinion, I don’t believe that Freud had a good understanding about the psychology of women, nor did he know what they wanted. His theory of feminine psychology was unreasonable because he based most of his theories on gender and sexuality.
Interviewer: How did you try to overcome that gap?
Horney: To overcome the gap of Freud’s gender theory, I developed my own personality theory and one that I believed gave more clarification of the psychology of women and their experience. In addition, I focused on the strategy of moving toward, against, and away from Freud’s demeaning views.
Interviewer: What impact do you believe your work has had on psychology as you see it today?
Horney: As the first psychoanalytic feminist (1967), I believe that my work has had a most positive impact on today’s psychology. I have contributed my time and work to helping individual’s understand the women of psychology. I have rejected Freud’s penis envy theory and I developed the neurosis theory. The neurosis theory is still prominent today and has helped me to show the relationship between personality and relationship.
Interviewer: Do you think that Freud provided enough evidence to back his theories?
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