Interview With The Secretary Of The Exceptional Student Education Program

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During my interview with the secretary of the Exceptional Student Education program, Mrs. Bixler, I received and learned a lot of information about what kind of policies and accommodations have been and are made for students in the Exceptional Student Education and English Language Learner programs at Flagler Palm Coast High School and in the Flagler County School District. Without question, the most helpful piece of information I received was the Notice of Procedural Safeguards for Parents of Students with Disabilities brochure. This twenty page packet goes over all of the rights under IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, that are given to the parents of students with disabilities and the students. It starts with a table of contents describing where to find general information, revocation of parental consent, and confidentiality, mediation, and state complaint procedures, due process requests, hearings, and appeals, discipline of students with disabilities, placement of students with disabilities in private schools at public expense, and requirements for students with disabilities enrolled by their parents in private schools. I also received a FPC Meeting Request form, this form is used to request a meeting for an ESE student, their parents, their case manager and anyone else needed in the meeting. They have a list of what the meeting is for, whether it be for the Annual Summary of Performance or the IEP, Individualized Education Plan, or the three year…
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