Interview With The Sister And My Family

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Interview with the sister

First, I want to thank your sister for sharing her experience with us. I think you have a great sister and I have to admit that I became a little jealous after seeing the bound between you two and how you are stuck with each other for life. I know that sisters won’t turn out to be best friends all the time, but you are lucky because seems like you are best friends. I have two sisters and we love each other however they live in Turkey and I am incredibly sad we will grow old apart from each other. I miss my family so much.
I am sorry to learn that your sister had to experience such a terrible sickness but glad she had family and friends support during that difficult times. Each week as I learn more about the healthcare in the US and how things work I have less trust and belief in medical community and your sisters experience since the day one proves that we should not trust no one but our instincts. I can’t believe that the doctor sent her back with only mammogram without any ultrasound or biopsy and told her to check back in six months which cause her tumor to grow in that time. When I compare how the breast cancer is represented by the media to the experience your sister had during her treatment, I can see how the whole process is misrepresented by the media. We always see bald but happy women going to work and doing everything they used do even if they have the cancer. However, I can see how painful the process was for your sister. She did try…
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