Interview With The Toyota Motors

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Interview with ………..(name), fired from Toyota Motors An interview was conducted with former employee of Toyota, who was working there as Sales Manager. During interview following questions were asked Was the interviewee downsized or fired? What type of job was interviewee doing at the time of downsizing or firing? Interviewee was terminated from Toyota Motors. At the time of terminating he was working there as sales manager. His occupation was to offer the autos by applying deals arrangements and systems and by directing alternate deals staff. His conduct with his subordinates and with his seniors was great because of his relational abilities. The reason of his end was the subsidence in economy which prompted fall flat him in not…show more content…
He attempted his best to attain target however because of sadness in economy he was not able to satisfy the target. Thus he was terminated by the administration of Toyota Motors. How did the interviewee feel about it? Fairness of it? How it was handled? How did they feel about themselves after it happened? Interviewee was feeling dismal because of this setback. Terminating from such an association where you contribute fiver valuable years of your vocation is undoubtedly terrible experience. Despite the fact that it appears to be reasonable to flame him for not attaining target given to him however considering his administrations in most recent five years it appears unreasonable to treat him like that. Interviewee took care of this issue with understanding. Presently he is questioning in different associations for occupation and prone to land position in Honda Motors. On the other side administration was confronting trouble in supplanting the position. It requires some serious energy find suitable individual with obliged capability and experience. So it can be inferred that terminating him was not simple for them in light of the fact that it would cost them. Why did it happen? What was the organization’s given reason for layoffs or firing? Did the person think there were other reasons too? If so what were they? The purpose behind terminating him from position of sales manager was not attaining the deal
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