Interview With Tobias Kuners, A Prominent International Business Leader

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Introduction In this part of the paper, I must introduce my audience to my subject matter. I can do this by explaining the broader category that I am writing about and then zeroing in on what I really need to say about my topic. I can use a startling statement, a quote, or a definition. In the end, I need to have at least five to seven sentences to capture the main points.
Kuners, T. (2009-2015). If it does not add value, let it rest! the performance factory. Retrieved from
Major Thesis The online magazine the performance factory,
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In his view, good program managers must make certain all projects are clearly defined, carried out, and examined. He also talks about keeping a close relationship with all customers so that the business provides only what the customer needs. He believes, if a company assumes what customers want when the consumer does not really value it, then the company wastes time, effort, and money.
Another one of his important keys to success is performance indicators. He believes one must keep up with all performance indicators; monitoring them at least monthly at the organizational level and then distilling and translating this information into data that is useful and relevant to employees at lower levels in the organization. Kuners claims that keeping these principles in mind will help one become a good program manager. In addition to keeping track of performance indicators, Kuners attributes his success to his focus on continuous improvement and optimization. He believes there is a link between this and cost savings. According to Tobias, “by driving continuous improvement and optimization on an organizational scale and by continuously steering in that direction, you will create a lean and mean organization, which can rapidly respond to change and where people feel they make a difference” (Kuners, 2009-2015, p. 7). He advocates using cost saving methods to eliminate activities that do not add
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