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Interview with A Friend When thinking of people I could possibly interview, and then deciding that most of them wouldn’t be very interesting, I decided to interview a friend of mine. N.H. At first glance he seems like any other 15 year old but once you get to know him, you’ll soon realize that, that isn’t the case. Firstly he’s moved around and experienced more things then most people his age, even most people in general, and has developed a unique personality because of this. N. was born in 1985, in Finland but moved shortly afterwards to England and then again moved after only a few years to Malawi in Africa. The reason for them moving was that his father’s job bored him. He basically grew up as an ex pat in Africa and even…show more content…
The one dog actually ran up to one of the armed men wagging his tail, almost as if he wanted them to play with him,” N. laughs, “soon afterwards we moved to England realizing that we couldn’t spend the rest of our lives in an environment like that.” N. hated England. He was used to the warm climate of Malawi, and in a way, missed his old life. Seeing as both his mum and dad had to work, N. was sent to a boarding school which he despised. “It was the worst time of my life, I simply did not like it,” while shaking his head, but then he looks up and starts smiling, “I did have a few good times with some friends I had made there, like this one time we were playing softball and I whacked the ball into a window. We all blamed this one Irish guy that we all hated.” He had a smirk on his face while he said that, but it wasn’t always like that. “One thing I do regret though, was that I was a push over. Looking back, I could’ve been a lot more assertive instead of taking the piss like I usually did back then.” Fortunately, N. isn’t like that anymore. As I’m interviewing him, it’s obvious he has a strong self-confidence. Once again, N. moved with his parents but this time it was to Denmark. He’s been living In Copenhagen for the past 5 years and says he enjoys the “freedom” he’s never had. “Growing up in places like Africa and then going to a boarding school in England, you were never allowed to just go into town when ever you wanted to. It was almost
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