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Aging and being old was dominated by negative characteristics and conditions such as illness, depression, and isolation for a long time (Eibach, Mock, & Courtney, 2010). At first glance the terms “success” and “aging” seem to be in conflict to each other. When asking people about aging, their answers have many facets that are also found in psychological definitions: successful aging is seen as health, maturity and personal growth, self-acceptance, happiness, generativity, coping, and acceptance of age-related limitations. In the psychological sense successful aging is also often seen as the absence of age-associated characteristics (Strawbridge, Wallhagen, & Cohen, 2002). It seems that successful aging means is not aging.

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2. Which part of aging are you the least satisfied with?
This question can be seen as a follow up question of the first. If there are any negative aspects she sees in life, this question will present the details.
3. Where did you see yourself at this age?
This question might explain any happiness or unhappiness my aunt experiences. Her past ideas about her life could give clues as to why she is happy or unhappy.
4. Is there something that surprised you about aging?
This is a follow up to question 3.
5. If you could go back, what changes would you make?
This question gives my aunt the opportunity to reflect on her past and think about what she would change if she could.
6. If you could tell your younger self something, what would it be?
I added this question during the interview because of her answer to question 5.
7. You live alone. How do you manage your everyday life?
I was curious to hear how she is coping with her age-related limitations.
8. What positive aspects do you see when getting older?
This question is supposed to turn the conversation towards a more positive experience. It is often easy to see what problems aging causes but it is equally important to understand that aging can also have positive aspects. In case my aunt would answer any of the prior questions negatively, this is the chance to end the interview on a better note.
The answers to
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