Interview about the Cold War

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A: I was born in 1945, meaning that I was merely two when the Cold War began.

2) Where were you born?
A: Titusville, Pennsylvania.

3) What was your initial reaction to hearing about the conflict between the United States and Soviet Union?
A: I was very scared and confused, and I didn’t fully understand the situation due to my age.
My mother briefly informed me of what was going on, saying that we were fighting the Soviet Union, which was the roots of the Russian Revolution. It was then when my mother told me they were the communist people. My family members were worried to death that there’d be an outrageous war. I felt the same way when I heard the problems would be becoming even more intense. The best thing I could do to mentally soothe myself is thinking we weren’t going to be bombed or die.

4) How would you describe the sudden influx of United States propaganda during the Cold War?
A: The main source of propaganda in the States was from newspapers. I personally didn’t read it, but my father told me that these Communists were actually quite different from Americans. He explained that the SU system as totalitarianism, and the SU saw the US as a colonialism. I also remember seeing propaganda like books and movies.

5) Nuclear weapons were a very controversial topic during this era, what were your general feelings about both the weapons and the potential destruction of another country that assisted us during the…
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