Interview an Entrepreneur

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“An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it.” (Roy Ash) Thirty-two years ago, Steve Celar embarked on the journey of starting up his first business. After many years of struggle and hard work, his business has expanded into different areas other than what he had originally intended, all of those businesses are centered on cars but mainly, Hot Rods. Steve is the founder and sole-proprietor of Kalamity Kars, and Kalamity Krash Repair. In 1978 when Steve founded Kalamity Krash Repair, Helena had little to offer for minor bodywork repair shops. There were approximately 7 or 8 competing shops in town. When first starting off, Steve did not necessarily think of himself as an…show more content…
Participating in these events is another great way that Steve markets himself and the businesses. It really gives him a chance to get his businesses’ names out there. The next question I asked to Steve was, “Are your businesses involved in the community?” Steve donates annually to Small Fry Football, Helena Little League, and various children’s sporting events around time. He is also a member of Helena Hot Rod Association, and The Good Guy Hot Rod Association. Investing in the community is an excellent way to give back to the people that have helped to make your business grow, also; most donations are tax deductable. Helping out the community can also raise your business’s profile and help your business’s name become better known. My seventh question for Steve was, “How have you made your business grow?” Steve stated, “High Quality service and reliability.” Steve also at one point increased the size of his shop and had to hire workers. His new improved shop is 5000 square feet, and is built on % acres of land that Steve owns. The new shop has a factory style paint room, state of the art tools and drive on frame machine. He also now has various safety equipment such as; a fire safety system and state of the art exhaust system. As I stated before, when Steve first started out, he only had Kalamity Krash Repair. Overtime, he slowly started buying and selling cars and before he knew it, he was starting
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