Interview and Its Limitation

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What is an Interview? One man, asked if he does much interviewing, thinks of the time he chose his secretary and of the day he had to counsel one of the management trainees- and answers ‘practically none'. Another man with a similar job thinks of the many informal discussions he has with his superior and with customers, with colleagues and subordinates- and answers that he is interviewing all the time. The difference lies not in their work but in their interpretation of the word interview. The interviewer must use the same skills, whether he is concerned with formal pre-arranged meetings typified by the selection interview, or with unprepared discussions with staff or visitors. Basically all these situations involve two people meeting…show more content…
(b) Because it is difficult to get everyone together, too little time and consideration will be given to making the final decision, which may well be made simply to bring the meeting to a close because one or other member of the panel has to get away. ü Sequential interviews Another variation is the sequential interview. Many people think that this combines the good points of the one-to-one interview with those of the panel interview. With this method all the people who wish to be involved in the selection of a candidate do so one after the other and not as one un widely group. They are able to ask question and form opinions without being self-conscious about the other members of the selection group. There are 3 minor drawbacks; the candidates themselves may have to commit more time to the interview selection process; the interviewers will have to ensure they leave enough time for discussion between themselves as well as making their own post interview notes; time will have to be set aside for the interviewers to meet and finalize their decision. ü Group interviews Often these take the form of a problem-solving exercise or a leaderless group discussion, with the interviewers acting as observers. Group interviews are probably best used when dealing with young applicants, such as new university graduates, or as part of an assessment center process. ü Computer interviewing A recent interviewing
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