Interview and Rating Method

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Table of Content 1. Assumption of our company P.1 1.1 The size of company P.1 1.1.1 Organization Structure P.1 1.1.2 Our Management Attitude P.1 1.2 Our major products which want to trade to China market P.1 2. The external factors what we need to concern P.2 (i) Muffler Magic (MM) background P.5 (ii) Business characteristics P.5 (iii) Human Resources Functions in MM P.5 (iv) Recommendations of recruiting, selection and training role to HR manager P.5 2b. Develop a 10 questions structured interview for Ron Brown’s service center managers can use to interview experienced technicians. 10 questions for interviewer P.6 2c. If you were Ron Brown, would you implement the professor’s recommendation…show more content…
It is also consents the rater to compare every job with another jobs evaluation based on a job ranking method. Further, the rater will basis on the number of score what received from employee to evaluate who is the better performing subordinate. This is easy to ranking objects with esteem to few employee if only has a few persons, however the rater probably turn into exhausted and cannot distinguish between all employees if the persons increase. d) Forced Distribution Method As William & Barry indicate (2007), forced distribution is the method similar to grading on a bell curve. The rater is asked to rate the employees in some fixed distribution of categories, such as marginal, average, qualified, superior and excellent. P.2 For Example: [pic] For subject, it can balance a distribution of the rating of performance appraisal in statistically; moreover, rater can make comparison of employee’s performance with the same position for set up their salary range if running pay-for-performance system in organization. But oppositely, it has no standard criteria for rater to score with difficult to make employee comparability, because it affected by the job nature whether sufficiently similar in same criteria and relies on rater’s knowledge and perception. e) Critical Incident Method (CIM) As Marrelli (1990) point out, CIM is used for record
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