Interview of a Healthcare Leader

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Interview of Health Care Leader
Jonell Benson
University of Phoenix
August 16, 2010
Charles Silveri

Interview of Health Care Leader
A leader is a person who has a vision (Owen, 2002). A leader has drive and is committed to achieving their goals and vision. Leaders focus their attention on problems that need to be fixed, and will tackle the situation at hand. Leaders are determined, motivated, careful planners and effective communicators. Leaders are positive and do not waste time and effort with negativity. Effective communication is more than just being able to speak and write. An effective leader's communication encourages people to work toward their goals. A leader is
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Serving on several committees and giving back to the community has been her best teacher. In addition, attending Saint Xavier University School of Nursing program challenged G.O. to always exceed beyond her expectations and to continuously represent "excellence in nursing practice".
Nursing is constantly evolving as a whole. As the health care industry changes and "Quality" becomes more of the focus and determinate for medical reimbursement, G.O. thinks nurses in leadership will be utilized to help institutions develop programs, such as disease management, fall reduction, and other preventive programs to help improve quality. G.O. also feels that evidence based practice nursing will become the mainstay and we (nurses) will have to justify why we do what we do. Nursing leaders will have to continue to mentor and educate themselves and new nurses. She sees the "Master's Prepared Nurse" as the front line nurse. The vast amount of knowledge and skills needed to produce and maintain quality for health care institutions. Many institutions may require nursing to change its' entry level into nursing practice from the two year degree to a six or seven year degree; the Master's in Nursing degree.
Although faced with many challenging issues, G.O. feels the most challenging is getting staff to understand that rules and regulations govern home care and as the industry changes, we as nurses need to make sure that we change to remain competitive
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