Interview of an Older Man

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Toby As I age, I hope to only be half of the person Toby is. At age seventy six, Toby has lived his life to where he has taught himself not to regret, get angry, or judge any other person. He has seen three different countries, several different states, and hundreds of different people. For a man who has not taken the best care of himself health wise, was drafted into the Vietnam War, and lost his wife, Toby amazes me with how well he still functions in everyday life. According to the textbook in chapter three, older people tend to show signs of decreasing physical attributes, such as skin, hair, weight, and mobility. As I listened to Toby talk, I studied his outward appearance. His skin was flawless; his face was acne free and wrinkle…show more content…
Everyday competence is the potential ability to perform a task, but not actually performing the task (page 156). Now, however, Toby’s everyday competence has severely diminished because of the contracture in his hands (page 127). Toby told me that he learned to live with the arthritis, but when his fingers began to stop moving, he was left unable to do a lot of everyday activities. On page 140 in the textbook, ADLs are mentioned. Toby struggles with carrying out a lot of his ADLs now. He needs help brushing his teeth, eating, and going to the restroom. By the way Toby holds his posture and lowers his voice as he is describing how much help he needs, I can tell how distraught he is. Toby is not use to needing help. I asked Toby about his experience in the war. He shut his eyes and told me that he did not care to go into detail about it; it was too brutal. I was silent for a moment, thinking he might mention just a little bit. After a few seconds, Toby let out a sigh and quietly said, “War was war. I watched friends die and enemies live, but at the end of the day, I am proud to say I served my country. I did something for the good of America.” To make the conversation lighter, I asked him about one of his favorite memories. I watched Toby’s face instantly soften and, as a smile spread across his face, he told me about his wife. Since Toby was able to recall this information from his past, he shows that he has a good long-term
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