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Interview Project Report
Your name:
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PART 1. IntervieweE report
Name of the company: Ritz Carlton
Note: The company must be the organization you chose for your Media Case Project.

Interview preparation
Complete the following:
Your spokesperson function in the company. Explain why this spokesperson is best suited to handle this specific interview, based on the information provided by the journalist.
The spokesperson is the CEO because he is the best person to handle each question because of the company, in this case the CEO is required since the journalist is going to ask about the company culture and sensitive questions.

Key messages that you want to convey during the interview.
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national newspaper, trade publication, blog). Explain why you feel this type of organization would be interested in interviewing a spokesperson of the company.
It’s the BBC News, and the channel news is interested on acquiring the general inquiries for the food products for the customers.

Purpose of the interview (e.g. product announcement, event, new leadership, CSR initiative)
To answer the general inquiry about food product in Mc Donalds
Audience of your publication. Explain the audience’s interest in the interview.
They want to know how what’s happening inside Mc Donalds and the ingredients that they use in their products. Interview question 1:
How does it feel to be the number 1 in terms of the fast food restaurant chain? Interview question 2:
What kind of beef did you use inside the burger patties? Interview question 3:
What did you think about the rumors on the soap inside the coca cola drinks that you serve?

Interview question 4:
Which food products is your best sellers? Interview question 5. Trap question, not to be shared with the interviewee.
What do you think about obesity? Interview question 6. Unexpected question, not to be shared with the interviewee.
Recently there are many fast food chains growing, do you think it might affect your company? Post-interview debrief
Answer the following questions.
Which interview skills and techniques did the interviewee display?
The spokesperson was able to use
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