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Technical Questions
1) Which of the following features would hide internal IP addresses from the internet?
A. Network Address Translation
B. SSID broadcast
C. Port Forwarding
D. Router
2) Which of the following is the subnet mask for a C class IP address?
3) Which of the following is the strongest wireless encryption method?
4) Joe, a home user, reports that on occasion he cannot print from his laptop to his wireless printer. The problem seems to occur only when joe is at one end of his home. A technician checks the signal strength of the laptop in that location and finds it to be good. The technician notes that joe’s router is using
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Dynamically resolves host name to IP address at random
17) A customer calls and says that his computer keeps dying. After taking the customer’s name, what sequence you should ask?
A. Computer type, is the equipment under warranty, printer type, set up an appointment
B. Set up an appointment, what the problem is, software they are using, computer type
C. Computer type, what the problem is, number of times it has occurred, set up an appointment D. Type of system, what the problem is, set up an appointment
18) You are using disk management in windows vista to create some logical drivers on your hard drive. Which of the following is a limited factor when creating logical drivers?
A. The number of primary partitions that can be created on the drive
B. The amount of available RAM memory
C. The number of hard drives installed
D. The number of available drive letters
19) A computer on the network infected with a virus. The computer is consistently rebooting after entering windows GUI. What can be done to attempt and remove the virus?
A. Enter the BIOS and change the boot order
B. Enter the task manager and end task on all application programs
C. Enter safe mode and attempt to remove the virus
D. Enter control panel remove the virus scanning software and update it with latest one
20) You have a PC with no video on a known good monitor. Pick the best order you should follow in tracking down the problem
A. Replace the video card, replace the

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