Essay on Interview with Health Care Leader Nur 492

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Interview with Health Care Leader

NUR 492
October 8, 2012

Interview with Health Care Leader
Leaders are someone that can be a positive influence in anyone’s life. Leaders are someone that people look up to and remember that person throughout his or her lives. The leader exerts influence by using a flexible repertoire of personal behaviors and strategies (Sullivan, Decker, 2009). The leader I chose to interview was the Infection Prevention Coordinator of the hospital. A leader needs to have personal skills, be knowledgeable, be able to adapt to his or her environment, and lead by example. The hospital Infection Prevention Coordinator in the hospital I work at has the qualities of a leader. The hospital Infection Prevention
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Leaders are skilled in empowering others, creating meaning and facilitating learning, developing knowledge, thinking reflectively, communicating, solving problems, making decisions, and working with others (2009). Her perspective of qualities and characteristics of leaders are that she thinks good leaders need to be good listeners. She also thinks that a leader needs to have good communication skills both written and verbal. Communication skills are necessary in health care because it keeps chaos out of daily routines and with patient care. Honesty and integrity are vital ingredients of good leadership; also being able to hold the respect of people, you work for, being able to inspire others, and to achieving your vision without sacrificing your ideals (O’Connor, Stodard, 2012). When asked about personal philosophy of leadership the IPC, stated that she gained her personal philosophy from her father who worked as a director for South Carolina Health Department. He believed that acquiring integrity and being honest was good leadership quality. She looked up to her father and that is how she gained her leadership qualities. She always has had an unbiased opinion and believes in equality for everyone, and she never assumes anything. She tries to lead by example and provides leadership examples to new employees and stresses to them never be afraid to ask for help or guidance from anyone. She states she has an open

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