Interview with Nick Sobre on Communication and Management Skills

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When the drivers are not giving out rides they are welcome to sit around at the warehouse or do as they please. Nick is usually there in the mornings to communicate and be around if anyone needs anything. What type of incentives do you give your workers? Since the employee’s job does not allow them to work up the ladder, Nick had motivated them by providing a raise to the workers that show top performance. To earn a raise the employee must always be reliable and show up when they are on the schedule. If Nick notices that a particular employee is getting large amounts of tips, then he will ask that specific worker if he wants to come into work earlier so that he has the bigger advantage of making more money. Many employees walk the poverty line and can be a little needier than other workers, so it is important to Nick to let the workers know when they are doing a good job and give them more confidence at what they do. What do you find some of the most common miscommunication issues with your customers? There are not too many miscommunications. The party bus has a form that the customer must fill out ahead of time and Nick will usually call the customer a few days ahead of the party to make sure that they are on the same page as him. The small miscommunication issue that is sometimes made is making sure the party bus has the

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