Interview with a Human Service Professional Essay

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The purpose of this interview is to explore human service professional in their work environment, and observe human service professional in their particular settings, what type of education is required for their position of choice. The human services profession has a variety of populations that they serve; this is a wide array of people. Human service professionals serve populations such as, high-risk mothers who may have shortfalls in education, psychosocial, nutritional, and little or no transportation. Another is the homeless population, lack housing due to being unable to afford, or maintain safe and adequate housing. The elderly is a population that is increasing, there needs range from chronic illness, lack of or little education,…show more content…
Dr. Snipes stated the facility is twenty-four hours a day and staff work shifts of eight-hour days. In this period clients will have individual session, group session, meet with a case management worker, and milieu monitoring. Meridian work with two types of client’s court order clients, which are in house residents who cannot leave the building or property without permission or staff, the other is referral clients that come through hospital, homeless shelters, and community services providers. Dr Snipes had and appointment so she asked her staff member, Ms. Haywood to continue with the interview.
I asked Ms. Haywood if she could show me the site, but she could only show me where the clients and staff had free access to; the dining room was as far as I could go. She explains that they have to honor client’s privacy and confidently, so we could only go as far as the dining room.
Job qualifications and requirements for professional staff are, Staff Psychiatrists are Board Certified in Psychiatry and hold licensure to practice Medicine in the State of Florida. All nursing staff licensed by the Florida State Board of Nursing, Case Managers holds a BS in Social Work, Counseling or Psychology and are required to pass Target Case Management training. Clinicians hold a Masters Degree in Social Work, Counseling or Psychology, and licensed in a clinical discipline (LCSW, LMHC, or LMHP). None professional staffs are required to have a
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