Interview with an HR Director Essay

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We met for lunch with Marisela Williams, the Director of HR for Freedman Seating. The company produces bus seats and frame structures for buses, motor coaches, vans and specialty vehicles. It’s a family owned company that’s being around for over 150 years and employees approximately 650 workers. She has been with the company 3 years and prior to that she worked for an organization that had 350 stores across the United States with approximately 540 total employees. Below are the series of questions that we asked her along with her responses.

1. What is your company mission and what role do you play in it?? Company mission is to produce quality seats, at reasonable prices, promoting safety, providing excellent customer service while
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5. How diverse of a team do you manage?? The team is very well diverse, consisting of male and female, older and younger, well experienced and entry level, and from different backgrounds and cultures. The diversity is what helps the team be a strong effective department for both the employees and the employer. 6. What type of diversity issues do you normally get confronted with?? Give me an example of an issue that you wished you would have handled different. One that will stick to out is the time she had to discipline an employee for not following the manager’s instructions. Basically, because he claimed he knew his job well, he figured he can do whenever and however he wanted to do it. It turns out; this was a young man, about 21 years of age and had decided he knew more than anyone else. His immaturity is what led to this type of action and perhaps because he lived with his parents with no responsibility played part in not caring. Therefore he got fired after several written warnings. 7. In your opinion, what organizational changes should be made to meet the needs of a diverse workforce as well as to maximize the potential of all workers??? Marisela believes that the company should know and familiarize themselves with the different types of diversity and to be open to work with them instead of just letting it be. 8. How do you overcome bias in the interviewing process, questions, and your response? Per Marisela, this is one of her
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