Essay about Interview with the Director of Habitat for Humanity

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The Interview was performed with Margaret Kato who holds the position of Human Resources Director for Genesee County Habitat for Humanity, located in Flint, Michigan. 1. What is your current educational and career background? Response: My background consists of multiple years of management experience within many varying industries. I have been with Habitat for Humanity for just under ten years representing all HR functions since the organization is a small affiliate. I also hold a bachelor’s degree and various certifications. 2. What is the main focus of this business? Response: Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Habitat for Humanity believe that everyone deserves a…show more content…
6. What is your current evaluation process (annual, semi-annual, etc.)? Response: The current evaluation process is performed twice a year and is recorded and measured by the CEO/Executive Director of the organization. Since the organization is relatively small the Executive Director sets up performance measures with all employees and meets quarterly to ensure goals and objectives are pursued and completed. The actually performance evaluation is done twice a year in July and December. 7. Are there bonus incentives or pay increases after the evaluation process? Response: After the evaluation process has taken place a pay increase will be effective for the following fiscal year. Based on the performance measures the pay increase will be determined by the employee’s ability to accomplish the set goal from the organizational heads. Bonus are administered at the end of the calendar year and are based on the overall successes of the organization. 8. What are some areas where your employees excel in terms of performance? Response: There are many resources to help departments reach there goals and objectives. The organizations high communication level and interaction cause benefit to departments assisting and complimenting each other. There has been a constant and gradual increase in employee productivity and goals are normally reached. The company has recently experience growth due to the
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