Interviewer : How Many Of You Are Ready For Manifestation?

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Interviewer: How many of you are ready for manifestation? Audience: Yeah. Interviewer: Now, these three meeting can be the turning point in your entire financial affair. Reception is so important. Being able to receive when things is being put out. You have to know how to cherish and honor revelation. If you do, it will come forth at a greater dimension, are you listening? We, the apostolic network we’re working now with churches around the world, have come to understand three governments, God, the gifts of the 54 ministry and then down to the church and the believer. We understand that and the government of the world will not determine how we come out no more. Amen. So, we found out were the failure has been in the churches, not having good preachers and good people in the congregation, but the mark is as the lord will. There are a lot of things in the natural government that is illegal. That is what you want to found out, there is an illegal thing in your life going on and then you want to come to the point where you want to return, you listening? You want to return to God original plan. Now we got lost in demonization, religion, tradition. God’s original plan was somewhat lost and that’s why so many of us are behind in our benefits, yes, have the boys there, I 'll receive it, on our benefit. You know one of my most foreign statements is this; God made women in a special way, to be treated different. But by this loss revelation that the church has, so

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