Interviewing A Human Resource Manager Essay

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Interviewing a Human Resource Manager I chose to interview Randy Bedsaul. He is an older gentleman who responds in a genuine manner. Since he works in my maintenance shop and I interact with him on a daily basis it was easy to ask him to do this interview. He responded quickly to my request and even stayed after work one day to help me out. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. I really appreciate individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to help others in regards to personal/professional growth. These type of individuals are not threatened by others which makes them excellent supervisors in my opinion. Randy Bedsaul is a General Maintenance Supervisor at the Logistics Readiness Center located on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He currently supervises an average of 18 employees from various workshops on a daily basis. The various workshops include: electronic, furniture, weapons, textile, welding, machine and body shops. Occasionally he fills in for the other supervisor who is in charge of the administrative staff and heavy shop. Rarely, when the Maintenance Chief is out of the office Randy Bedsaul and Lloyd Allen, the other supervisor, temporarily step into his role. In regards to his position Randy stated that “Supervising is a lot like babysitting but for older people and it can be very draining.”. I laughed and nodded at his statement because I have witnessed him in action. One can perceive his attitude as someone who is easy to approach and get along

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