Interviewing And Conferencing As An Assessment

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Interviewing and conferencing as an assessment Introduction Assessment in a classroom is a strategy employed by teachers, to evaluate the student’s response to learning. The teacher gathers information while interpreting the evidence in trying to understand and make judgments about the student learning. In presenting assessment to the students, the student has verbalized their knowledge on what they have just learned, organize their thoughts and present it out in the summary. The need for assessing the student aims at understanding what they learned in the classroom and using the gathered information to develop and model an instruction method that would suit the learners need regarding a particular problem discussed. The teacher would, therefore, uses different assessment strategies to gather information about the student’s strengths and weaknesses while also identifying specific learning needs and collect feedback on the effectiveness of the instruction. There is a variety of key assessment strategies that could get used in assessing the child’s understanding of what they learned. The key assessment strategies for discussion in this paper would be conferencing and interviews as an assessment methods and the rationale for using them in a classroom setting. Conferences Conferences refer to the formal and informal meeting between the teachers and the student done with the purpose of exchanging information and sharing ideas in which the teacher can determine how the student

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