Interviewing Divisional Manager Patrick Davies

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Interviewing Divisional Manager Patrick Davies Before conducting my interview allow me to introduce you to my Interviewee, Patrick Davies. Patrick attended the University of California Riverside, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (B.A.B.A), with a core in finance. This he attributes (in part) to his success as a Manager. Patrick has held numerous management positions; from a lower level warehouse manager, to his current positon of Divisional Manager (middle management) at VCI Construction, Inc. All told Patrick has eleven years of experience in management and currently oversees thirty employees, which I believe makes him the ideal candidate for this interview. When I initially approached Patrick and asked him if I could interview him for this assignment he was extremely receptive. In fact, he said that he was flattered that I had even thought to ask him, which in my opinion speaks very highly of his character. Not only did he agree to play the role of my interviewee, he took me to lunch and paid for the very privilege of doing so. Thus, whilst Patrick ate I asked questions. I began by asking Patrick about his management style; more specifically, what kind of manager he is. Patrick stated that he was a very hands off manager, yet at the same time very supportive. He further clarified by saying that he made sure that his employees had both the tools and resources they required to perform their job, and to perform it most efficiently. Patrick

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