Interviewing Leadership at a Local Church

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1. Although many church leaders would prefer to believe that their congregations are "Living Out of the Mind of Christ", the reality is that it is difficult and almost impossible for people to act in accordance with a strict set of rules. I personally like to think that these people are making the world a better place by simply trying to take on such attitudes, taking into account that they are well-acquainted with religious behavior a person would need to employ in order to "Live Out of the Mind of Christ" and that they feel better just knowing that their actions reflect positively on other individuals.
I like to maintain a balance between teaching, cultivating, and maintaining "The Mind of Christ" and making it possible for people to understand that they do not necessarily have to be saints in order to feel at peace with themselves and with the world in general.
2. Yes, I consider myself a "Wounded Healer" and this is largely due to my initial attitude toward the Church. When I was a young man I felt that my problems had nothing to do with God and that it would thus be pointless for me to try and turn to Him in order to recover from the critical condition I was in. Although I eventually decided to take on a religious life, it was very difficult for me to acknowledge the position I was in and the fact that I actually needed Him to help me.
A troubled young man visited me a few years ago and he seemed lost and had come to me as a result of his family influencing him to
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