Interviewing My Mother

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Interviewing my mother Regina Burns she expresses that “growing up for her was bitter sweet because her oldest siblings who are all stair steps never set good examples for her”. Her whole life she has felt like the black sheep of the family keeping to herself. By her being academically smart at a young age, she was separated from going to school with her other siblings. She said that she wasn’t close to any of her siblings and this dissimilarity followed my mother and her siblings all the way through high school. She had to do all of her older siblings homework on a daily basis. She expressed that growing up and going to school was not anything like how when her mother was in school. She said that it was acceptable for girls to be smart and that they pushed smartness and wanted the young woman to be as bright as they could be. Interviewing my father he said…show more content…
When my twin sister and I were two years old my mother presented my father with a proposition that involved splitting for good or becoming committed. My mother said that factors that lead to their marriage was mainly centered on her religion, age and because she didn’t believe in shacking with a man. My mother said that her pastor informed her to move the wedding date up and he insured her that marrying my dad would be a wonderful match for my mom, so he thought. My mother expressed that “love performed a role in their marriage because my father had a great job, he matched my mother standard of physical looks, and she believed that he deeply cared for her.” It was left all on my mother to care for the children and to make sure we had our homework done, chores done and that we were fed. My mother and father both worked to take care of the household bills but most of the time my father wasn’t getting home until late at night so my mom said that she had to carry all the weight of the
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