Interviews : General Education Teacher

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General Education Teacher:
When interviewing Mrs. F, she explained that a behavior concern for Richard is his inability to stay focus on a task for a long period of time. She mentioned, “He loves to walk around the class, especially when he sees a group of students talking. Richard will get up and try to join their conversation”. She expressed that his peers have difficulty understanding what he is saying because of his lack of speech. When asking her what she does when he becomes to wonder around the classroom, she mentioned that he just tells him to return to his seat. Richard is response positive to commands when they are given to him. He has not shown aggressive behavior when he does not get his way with Mrs. F. Mrs. F
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Mrs. L shared that he eats alone, but during recess he does have one friend he will play with basketball or soccer. Currently, his friend Daniel is the only student in the school that will play with him. Daniel attend the learning center together and both have Mrs. F as their general education teacher. Mrs. L. mentioned that at times the boys do argue with each other because they spend a long period of time together. Another area of concern Mrs. L has for Richard is his constant need to please others. Richard is an interactive student and wants his peers to welcome him when he tries to play with them. When his peers are welcoming to Richard, he tries to please them as best as he can. Richard will imitate his peers behavior or he will join along to what they are doing. His limited social interaction is a concern that Mrs. L wants Richard to continue to develop and limit bullying situations from occurring
When Mrs. L began to share on Richards behavior when he attend the learning center with her she expressed that his distractions are limited. When he is at the learning center he has less students to become distracted from and he is able to stay focus on assignments. Currently, Richard works with a small group of students that are at close to his learning level. Mrs. L. expressed how it is more easy for Richard to work in a small group, because he is able to keep up with the learning material and use the students as reference to
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