Interviews on Human Development Through Three Generations

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In this paper I will talk about the following; each person I interviewed, their responses to the questions, the difficulties I faced, the stages of development each generation is experiencing, relating each generation to a theory, compare the similarities and differences each generation is experiencing in their stage of development, and what I learned from this experience. The topic I explored for each generation was music. Music can be a emotional experience, bring out feeling that we may be experiencing at that time, bring people together, and memories of the past. The three generations I picked to interview was an adolescence, early adulthood, and middle adulthood. The interview process started with the youngest age group and ended with the eldest age of the group. I had a series of interview questions and based on the age groups all the questions were the same for each generation. The following research questions were asked to all three generations:
1. What kind of music did you listen to when you were younger and has your music style changed over the years?

2. How did you buy your music and where?

3. What kind of device did you listen to your music on?

4. Does your mood determine the kind of music you listen too? Give me an example.

5. Did your parents approve of the kind of music you listened too? Why or why not?

6. How has…
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