Interviews with Consumers

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Consumer Interviews Consumers from each of the three age groups of 18 25 year olds, 26 45 years old, and 45 years or above were interviewed over the last week with regard to their purchasing online. The goal of the interviews was to understand what they purchase more of line, books or software. Including in these discussions where which websites they are the most brand-loyal to, what types of games and books they purchased, and how they made trade-offs of going into a bricks and mortar store versus buying online. One mentioned that they appreciated how WalMart is making it possible to purchase online and go into the store and pick up the game they had ordered. Interview with an 18 year old student The young woman interviewed is starting her first year of college, and is in her first semester right now. She speaks of time as more valuable than money, and seeks to find ways to get more done in less time. She shops on Amazon for both books she needs for class and also for books she reads for entertainment and personal growth. She's not purchased a hardcover book from Amazon in over a year, as the Kindle she has is more agile and easier to carry around from class to class. Amazon's expertise in creating an exceptional shopping experience for book buyers has led to their electronic titles outselling their print-based versions for the first time in 2011 (Kumar, Eidem, Diana, 2012). As the books are delivered electronically and in real-time she doesn't have to contend with
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