Interwest healthcare Essay

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Overview Interwest Healthcare Corp. is a non-profit organization. This organization has not been doing well in the healthcare industry for the last couple of months. Interwest’s CFO found that the employees are not giving full concentration while data entry. Interwest continuously making wrong report and for this reason it deprived of getting federal funds from Government, which is a huge loss for them. The CFO Mr. Sing addressed the problem and managed a meeting with the employees including the CEO in order to fix the problem; but, the result is zero. Moreover, the employees said Mr. Sing is not taking care of patients. The CEO feels pressure do not maintain the commitment he made with the high authority of the company. Finally, in…show more content…
First, I would like to know about the company’s policies and procedures. I want to analyze whether the employees get trained or not, when they entered in the company. I also would like to know the employees are suitable for the data entry job or not; because not everybody can handle the information system related work. I also want to know whether Interwest hired any professional data administrator manager in this regard or not. Moreover, I want to ensure employees are getting proper facilities from Interwest according to their company policies. I need to know the information about services that Interwest is committed to their every patient too. Moreover, I would like to analyze about the decision making ability of the CEO and CFO of Interwest. The CEO is the head of the position of every company; when he is unable to make a perfect decision in a bad situation may hamper the company in many ways. I also want to analyze whether the competitors are manipulating Interwest’s employees or not in order to make Interwest bad reputation in the healthcare industry. 3. What actions might you recommend to increase the accuracy of the data entry? Interwest can follow the below instructions in order to enhance their data entry accuracy. Interwest needs to hire experienced employees. Interwest needs to hire some information technology specialists who can examine employees speed test on data entry and able to give solution whenever the company face data entry
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