Intimacy And Culture And Intimacy

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Intimacy and Culture The definition of the word intimacy is one that is highly disputed. It is said that the term intimacy itself gives insight into its meaning. When the word is read as “into-me-see,” it can be deduced that achieving this level of connection requires one to disclose parts of himself to another person or group of people. To me, intimacy is the level of connection that is attained between two parties when one reveals a part of himself that he would only share after gaining a sense of confidence with the other, and the sense of acceptance displayed by the one receiving this information. Intimacy is not merely the admission of “secrets”, but rather the mutual trust that comes from these revelations. Gillette (1990) lists other factors that must be present in order for intimacy to be achieved. An important one among them is the commitment to the strengthening and upkeep of the relationship, even when doing so becomes a challenge. I believe this point is necessary to be emphasized because this is perhaps the truest test of sincere intimacy, that the parties are devoted to making the relationship flourish, despite the possible and probable challenges it will face. My upbringing certainly was one that emphasized the importance of forming intimate relationships. As an Orthodox Jew, the Bible guides me in making every life decision. Oftentimes, a person is faced with ethically ambiguous dilemmas. In my culture, it is commonplace for one to consult with a rabbi, or
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