Intimacy And Cyberbullying Video: This Emotional Life

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The two videos from ‘This Emotional Life’ that connected most to my life as whole were the videos on Happiness/Intimacy and Cyberbullying. In my current life I feel that the Happiness/Intimacy video plays a bigger part than the Cyberbullying video. Whereas, the cyberbullying video would relate more to my life in elementary-freshman year of High-School. I found Elizabeth Gilberts speech to be absolutely fascinating. The reference she used made me think a lot about how I connect with others around me. In the video, she states that human relationship are similar to Porcupines in the winter. During the winter porcupines get cold and they're natural instinct is to all get together and share body heat. Their only major flaw in this is that they have sharp spines, so when they do all get together, they end up hurting each other. Because of the pain, they all move away from each…show more content…
When we are isolated, we try to make close connections. For example, my sister lost an ex-boyfriend due to suicide. Before this incident, she had relationships with good guys that treated her like a princess. Currently, she is dating a guy that is manipulating her into believing that he is not cheating. This could possibly relate back to her feeling of isolation, this feeling that makes her crave intimacy or as the porcupines put it ‘warmth’. In my current life I try to find a balance between isolation and intimacy. When I first meet people, I do not let them get close. I will not share too much personal information about myself to the point that I don't like to say my last name for a few months until I truly know someone. Once I know someone over a long period I consider them a friend/acquaintance. I like to be far away from people until I know that they aren't dangerous. For my future, I need to get closer with people quicker. I’m so use to waiting before I trust someone, that I need to learn to take risks when meeting new
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