Intimacy Between The Older Aged Adults

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Today, there is still scarce knowledge, as well as concrete information, about the intimacy between the older aged adults. It is known that intimacy can be portrayed as a key element to a couple’s marital contentment and/or satisfaction in the relationship. This research topic covers a relatively gray area within the older community since these individuals are faced with multiple barriers that could possibly combat with their ability to show intimacy, or affection, with their partner. With a focus amongst older couples, the research will be composed of exactly how these older-aged couples show intimacy, or not, by observing information about the sexual frequency and types of sexual acts individuals participate in. By observing this information it will determine the overall satisfaction, contentment, and healthiness of the relationship. This impact of sex plays a vital role in a relationships future outlook on satisfaction or contentment. One major reason that relationships participate in sexual activity is to engage in more content, positive, and successful outcomes. For example, developing better connections to his/her significant other or simply increasing the amount of affection for one another can build healthier, as well as more satisfied relationships. Among middle and younger aged adults, sexual activity is much more frequent because these couples are extreme hormonal human beings and encourage the belief that the more sex they engage in the better (Kingsberg, 2000).
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