Intimate Apparel Critique Essay

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There are many plays throughout history that tend to grab at the viewers heart as though they were truly on the stage right along with the actors. From the over view of Intimate Apparel it would seem as though it would not be one of those plays. Just from a quick summary of the story, it could be assumed that the play would be one gossip story after another, perhaps even a soap opera type of play. However, through two elements of the set, the scenic design and a combination of the set and theatre, as well as thoroughly thought costumes, Ball State Universities’ production of Intimate Apparel allows the audience to become emotionally intertwined with the play. The set itself, at first glance seems rather plain, there’s a wall, a stage,…show more content…
The red walls were perfect for Mayme who is a strong willed woman, who also happens to be a prostitute for red is a bold and daring color. Yet the color was not a bright red and thus it stuck with the dark colors of the play and time. Not only was the color of the wall a fantastic choice, but also the piano was a nice touch especially because it was in a dark wood. Beyond the actual the physical appearance of the stage, the placing of the audience was also a wise choice for this play. It allowed for many intimate moments between the audience and the cast. When George reads from side to side the letters that are sent to him from Esther, the audience can both see and feel the emotions being acted by George because he is so close to the stage. Not only that but we are even given a bit of foreshadowing when Esther and George sleep together the first night of their marriage and Esther is left holding onto George instead of the two holding on to each other. This slight change in character from the caring George in the letters to the man who gets what he wants and then goes his way is a huge change. Not only that but as an audience we grow to care for every character. We wish the best for both Mrs. Van Buren and Mayme. We want badly for Mrs. Van Buren to have a child or at the very least for her husband to just love her, and then when she tries to kiss Esther we as an audience cannot help bust gasp. Mayme, not so innocent and yet naïve Mayme, its hard not to
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