Intimate Encounters By The Life Struggles With Marriage And Family

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Intimate Encounters
A Guide to Effective Prayers

Sharnik Hansbrough

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This book is inspired by the life struggles with marriage and family, and ultimately finding my spiritual self with our Heavenly Father. Thank you to my husband, my children, my mother and siblings, and all other family members and friends. Thank you all for your support over the years. I love you!


Thank you Heavenly Father for your unmerited favor and inspired word.


(P) Praising God Daily 1
(R) Repent with a Sincere Heart 2
(A) Acknowledge God’s Grace 3
(Y) Yielding to the Holy Spirit 3
(E) Encouraged Through Faith 4
(R) Rebirth in God 6


This is a guide for reading, studying, mediating, applying, and praying God’s inspired word into your life.

You will need the following tools:

1) Bible - preferably a comparative bible, as multiple translations will allow full understanding of the scripture.
2) Notebook –start a journal to record your thoughts, any additional scriptures, and other notes, as desired, during your prayer time.
3) Time - schedule uninterrupted time in a quiet place to freely read and communicate with the Lord…often referred to as a “Prayer Closet”
4) Pen or Pencil – something to write with is helpful. 

(P) Praising God Daily

Praising God Daily
When we contemplate the reasons why we should praise God, we only have to
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