Essay on Intimate Life in Contemporary Art

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Intimate Life As Contemporary Art
According to, contemporary is defined as happening or beginning now or in recent times. When utilized in art and photography, it’s connoted as vague, obscure, and by definition always in flux. For some it signifies “cutting edge” – work that pushes the limitations of recognized practice, style, subject matter, mediums, or concepts.

In the book “ the photograph as contemporary art” Contemporary Photography is divided into eight categories that were chosen to highlight the diverse styles and subject matter that is somehow connected through similar characteristics.

Chapter One “If This Is Art” defies a conventional stereotype of photography. The photographers in this chapter
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What make these images stand out are the dynamic sequences and their emphasis on unanticipated moments in everyday life.

The Sixth Chapter contemplates ‘Moments in History’ by using documentary photography in a form of art. Using a counter-photojournalistic approach coined as ‘aftermath photography’. Photographers here present the tales of the consequences of political and human disruption. Moreover, others investigate the visual records of isolated communities.

The seventh Chapter ‘Revived and Remade’ investigates and exploits ones preexisting knowledge of imagery by mimicking and remaking well-known photographs.

Finally Chapter 8 ‘Physical and Material’ draws attention to the many decisions that photographers have made to the physical and material properties of photography. Some use analogue while others have mixed different mediums such as installations and sculptural work mixed with photography. The second part of the chapter discusses alternatives ways of gaining exposure by the Internet. After summarizing the content of this book, an in-depth research of some photographers from chapter five Intimate Life will be discussed.

Nancy ‘Nan’ Goldin
Born on September 12th 1953, Goldin was bought up in a family who believed in revisionism, where everything wrong was kept secret or as Goldin put it “what happened didn’t happen.” At the age of 11, Nan’s sister committed suicide, driven by the poor family values and the feeling of rejection, which only
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