Intimate Partner And Sexual Violence

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This summarizes report of the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence 2010 survey, will provide statistical information on victims who experienced one or more violent crimes from their husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. These crimes arrange from stalking, rape, to physical and mental abuse. It will examine the impact of intimate partner violence on gender, race, and ethnicity. This report will give an overview of health consequences and the implications for prevention for Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence. Lastly, this summary report will provide a definition of what is the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey and how it is developed.

Violence / Intimate Partner
Sex crime is one of the most underestimated crimes in America. Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence are one of the most torturous and abusive crimes that goes unreported due to fear. Intimate partner abuse is generally part of a pattern of abusive behavior and control rather than an isolated act of physical aggression. Partner abuse can take a variety of forms, including physical assault such as different forms of hitting, kicking, and beatings; emotional abuse, threats, financial abuse, psychological abuse such as belittling, intimidation, and humiliation.
Some abuser would go as far as using their children as pawns in their abuse. Victims are continuously forced to have sex. Most frequently controlled behaviors are aimed to isolate women from their family and
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