Intimate Partner Stalking

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Stalking is a very dangerous form of violence and is more common than people think. As a society we have many different ideas of what the definition of stalking is. There are many different forms of stalking, sure some of them may seem harmless but it is difficult to differentiate harmful situations and acts from harmless situations and acts. The main thing that makes it stalking is it is a form of abuse is that it is unwanted by the victim. Before the paper starts it is going to define stalking, a little history, and some of its forms. Stalking has been a label for a long-term pattern of persistent pursuit and intrusive behavior directed by one person toward another (Logan & Cole, 2007). It is a term that has been around since…show more content…
As mentioned earlier, most of these studies were done regarding females who had already filed for a protective order, who were Caucasian, and in their early 30s. However protective orders do not stop stalking and some females do not have the courage to go get the protective order to help protect them against their current or former romantic partner. Although all of these studies focus on females, males are just as susceptible to experience stalking and other forms of abuse. Finally while most victims of stalking are Caucasian females, stalking can span across all races, ages, and level of education. Percentages are shown so one can see that it really does and can happen to anyone. Not only is there no specific profile for a victim of partner stalking, but there is also not a specific profile for a perpetrator either. However, it is beneficial to know which gender it is that commits stalking the most often. That is why the last study by Norris, Huss and Palarea focuses on the perpetrator, it is a study of 120 males who are between the ages of 19 and 62 years old who all had committed intimate partner violence and were either self -referred or court
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