Intimate Partner Violence And Sexual Violence

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This is a scholarly paper making focus on the very critical topic “Intimate Partner Violence”. Intimate Partner Violence has been considered to be as a significant public health problem in which various violence are included such as physical violence, sexual violence, stalking and psychological aggression getting by the aggrieved people from their current as well as future intimate partner. This problem has been considered as a very critical one as it impacts immediately and leaves the lifelong consequences on the victim. There are a number of studies that have been undertaken on this topic wherein a significant number of cases of death and injury were found due to intimate partner violence. The increasing rate of crime at the global level forces us to make focus on these topics so that; we can understand the real impact of the same over the future generation and corrective actions can be taken today. Introduction: The intimate partner violence is one of the most common ways for abusing the rights of a common person and these forms are normally physical, sexual, mental and emotional harassments. Intimate partner violence happens in all settings and among all financial, religious and social gatherings. The staggering worldwide weight of intimate partner violence is borne by ladies and female groups. This intimate partner violence are categorized based of kinds of behavior that accuse or victimize, such as beating, kicking and slapping, hitting are the acts of physical
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