Intimate Partner Violence

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Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence
Look around. Can you spot them? She’s sitting next to you in class; she’s the lady that cashes your paycheck on Friday at the bank; she’s the nurse who gave you a tetanus shot; he’s the car salesman who sold you your car; he’s the guy your brother takes guitar lessons from; she’s the lesbian you met last week at the flower shop; he’s the gay guy who serves you pizza at the local pizzeria; maybe it’s your best friend, mother or father. Unfortunately there are no distinctive characteristics to identify an abuser or the abused.
Women are victims of intimate partner violence at a rate about 5 times that of a male. Black females experience domestic violence at a rate of 35% higher
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Many rapes go unreported because women feel that they do not have the option to deny sex when they are in a relationship. In any case where someone is forced to participate in unwanted sex, or sex acts, is considered sexual abuse (Davies et al.).
A form of abuse most people do not realize exists, is financial abuse. An abuser will withhold money, control the finances, give an allotted allowance, or make the abused account for monetary transactions down to the last penny. The abuser can also withhold necessary items, steal from the abused, or sabotage a job the abused may hold (Davies et al.).
The over all purpose of abuse is to gain and maintain total power and control over the victim. With power achieved, the victim relies solely dependent on the abuser. The cause of abuse can not be traced to a specific reason, making domestic violence hard to predict or prevent. Some reasons as to abuse can stem back to growing up in an abusive household, drug use, alcohol abuse, poverty, marital strain, or personality disorders. Stress also plays a big role in abuse along with unrealistic expectations. When a spouse or partner is under extreme stress whether it be at work, with parents, or friends the stress combined with the unrealistic expectation for everything to be perfect and exactly the way they want things acts as a trigger to abuse. The abuser lashes out, out of anger or frustration because of stress and their unrealistic
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