Intimate Partner Violence

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Intimate Partner Violence Today’s society contains an overwhelming amount of people “stuck” in abusive relationships. Why don’t they just pack up and leave one might wonder? Is this because they want to believe that people can change? It is a very disturbing issue, when the person that you are in “Love” with is the person inflicting so much pain on you. An outsider looking in a on a relationship of this sort will question why women that are victims of Intimate Partner Violence simply do not leave their relationships? Women that are victims of abusive relationships don’t pack up and leave for many reasons. Some women are simply economically dependent of their man and lack job skills or have never even had a job before.…show more content…
Some may fear retaliation. Others, having lived in an abusive relationship for years, may even have come to believe there is no alternative and may even feel that they deserve such treatment. “Jealousy has always been a feature of the relations between men and women: Othello, written four centuries ago, is still instantly comprehensible to us.” Nowadays jealousy is very common, especially in under class men. In fact this is the real reason behind the question that seems to confuse us all, why don’t women in abusive relationships simply leave? As awkward as it might sound, the violence of a jealous man is not caused by his lover’s taking interest in another man. His violence is to make sure that his women is completely his, it is to make sure that he always occupies her thoughts. From the abusers point of view the more random and completely imbalanced the violence the more efficient his method is. Even after the women build up enough strength to leave she is completely tormented from enduring this intolerable behavior throughout their entire relationship, which could have been for numerous amounts of abusive years. This most likely ruins her chances of ever having a normal relationship in the future. Violence is the only token of his commitment to her, and she falsely views this violence as him taking an interest in her. Although jealous men give their partners this false sense of their token of commitment, they soon realize that he is not
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