Into Battle by Julian Grenfell and Counter Atak by Siegfried Sassoon

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“Into Battle” by Julian Grenfell and “Counter-Attack” by Siegfried Sassoon are two poems with different ways of looking at going into battle. “Into Battle” shows a positive outlook on going to war and is what the young courageous men who signed up for the army would have felt. Grenfell uses soft kind wars even when describing the most horrific moments of war. On the other hand, “Counter-Attack” unlike “Into Battle” is a negative outlook to the war. From the beginning of it there is no hope, the soldiers appear to be helpless. Sassoon uses very descriptive negative words, he describes with detail the cruel reality of war. The poem “Into Battle” was written before the war, making the audience soon to be soldiers. The time period for this…show more content…
Continuing his positive outlook on war Grenfell describes what he thinks it means to die in battle and Sassoon gives his version. He describes the experience of battle with, “joy of battle,” a very honorable thing to say. It is a way most people do not look at dying in war as but to look at it that way is a respectively masculine attitude. With what he continues to say it resembles the attitude of “Lieutenant Dan” in the movie Forest Gump, instead of praising “Forest” for saving his life he becomes angry and bitter towards him. “Lieutenant Dan” says something on how his father and his grandfather had all died in war and it was his destiny. That point is brought up to show how Grenfell describes dying in war as the most honorable and glorifying moment in a soldiers life. Quite the opposite in “Counter-Attack” when this soldier dies he is left alone, “none heeded him,” he then becomes “lost.” Instead of finding glory, this soldier is “drowned,” in his own blood, one of the most painful ways to die. Reading these two poems gives two completely different views of the same thing. Going into battle is one of the most traumatic events on a mans life whether it is positive or negative. Sassoon emphasizes the brutality and horrid of the events taking place in the battle. The words he selectively uses describe the scenes

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